Automatically stop server from manufacturing

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Automatically stop server from manufacturing

Post by Maxim1 »

Hello everybody,

I want to set a condition for a server.
Everytime an atom is on exit, the server "Machine Side 1" must stop manufacturing.

I tried this with the following code in the "Trigger on Exit" input box: Stop(AtomByName([Machine Side 1], Model))
I also tried by typing: StopAtom(AtomByName([Machine Side 1], Model))
Unfortunately both commands dont work.
The first command stops the whole Simulation and not only the server atom.
The second command does nothing at all.

How can I make the server stop manufacturing while not stopping the entire simulation?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Automatically stop server from manufacturing

Post by Deena »

Hi Maxim!
Thank you for your question. Sorry for the late reply, I think I somehow missed this question of yours. Yes that is true Stop command would not work here in this scenario. As per my suggestion, you could close the Input channel of the server on exit of atom and open the input at entry trigger as required. For using the function you can search in the help as OpenIc and CloseIc.
Hope this explanation helps for you.

Kind Regards,
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