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No Library window

Posted: Wednesday 07 September, 2022 - 16:28
by Rico de Bokx
Hello everyone,

I am a student working on an Internship where I want to model a production line.
I started using ED last school year and has been working all the time only now when i try and start the application the library window won't show up. everything else is working fine but I can't add new parts to my model without the library. I looked around in the application folder and all the library files are there so that's not the issue.

I am really stumped does anyone have a clue what could be going on?

Re: No Library window

Posted: Wednesday 07 September, 2022 - 18:05
by HarryBunnik
Hi Rico,

Could it be that the library tree is located outside your screen? That sometimes happens when a secondory monitor is located differently or removed entirely.

You could try this under the rbibon "Display" of Enterprise Dynamics, to set all back using the "All to 1st screen" button" (almost all the way to the right).

This re-positions all primary windows of Enterprise Dynamics back to the main screen.

Hopefully, this helps!

Gr. Harry