Free download results in "Your link has expired" message

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Free download results in "Your link has expired" message

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When you fill in a form on our website to request a free-of-charge version of our software, you receive an email with the instructions on how to download and install this software.
We receive information from users that the link can result in a "Your link has expired" message. We notice that these links start with
This phenomenon is called SafeLinks and is an automatic protection feature from Microsoft Office 365.
As the link is indeed directing you to the download location of our trusted installers, we are investigating how this can be prevented.

But the reason that you receive the message has a different cause.
You are not directed to warning page but end up on our website. This means that the link is indeed deemed safe but is not working correctly.
We only see the issue in Microsoft Edge. It does not appear to occur in other browsers.
In Edge, you will see a valid URL but still the expired message.
So if you open the link in a browser other then Edge or re-confirm the URL listed in the address bar, you should see your requested installer available for download.