'Select rule resource' of the humanresourceteam atom

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Re: 'Select rule resource' of the humanresourceteam atom

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Hi Harry,

I have realised now about one thing, I have been working on it but I dont find a solution.
When the HRs of the simulation get freed, I would like them to go to an specific place and wait there to the next task.
Do you know how can I solve this?

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Re: 'Select rule resource' of the humanresourceteam atom

Post by HarryBunnik »

Hi Borja,

That is a complicated one. We've implemented this at the Advanced Transporter, and we want to add that functionality to the Human Resource as well, but that hasn't happened yet and wouldn't help you at this moment any way.

I thought to use a server with a low priority ("parking"), which task is interrupted every time that a "normal" task is showing up. The disadvantage of such a task is that you no longer see in the status of your Human Resource when it is idle.

Beside this option, I haven't thought of an idea to solve this yet.


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