Free license does not result in working software

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Free license does not result in working software

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Most of our free software (e.g. Trial and Student Starter versions) comes with a license that allows the software to run for a certain amount of days (starting whenever the license is used for the first time). It can happen that, after installing the software, it fails to start representing an error. A common error is "The Usage Period has expired - en-/decryption cannot be performed, Error 71."
To resolve this issue, we first verify the license that came with the software and see if it is valid. To verify this, do the following:
  • Open the Codemeter Control Center app from the start menu.
  • Press the button “WebAdmin” (bottom right) opening your browser.
  • From the menu, select Container | All Container and then the container named 'INCONTROL Trial' or 'ED Trials'.
  • You will find a product code for your free software.
  • In the container, you see the "Valid Until" field that could list the expiration date of your license. When you view the details of the product code you can see the 'Usage Period' (#days) and the 'Start Time' leading to the mentioned valid until date.
If you have no container or no product code, please contact INCONTROL to get help on this issue.

When you have an active license but still the software fails to start, you probably have had a license activated on your machine before (that is either removed or has expired). To have the software use the active license, you can start the "LicenseSelector.exe" application listed in the root directory of where you installed the free software. When you execute the application, you will see the active license, select this license and press "Save". Now, your software knows what license to use and you can start the software.