Labels and Assembling

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Labels and Assembling

Post by Krzysztof1997 » Monday 04 February, 2019 - 12:54

I have problem with assembling two products (p1 and p2) in two different boxes (p1: 6 per box, p2: 4 per box) and after that assembling this boxes on container (product p1: 3 boxes and p2: 4 boxes ) and stocking in warehouse.
I attached .mod with my set up. I'll be very grateful for help.
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Re: Labels and Assembling

Post by HarryBunnik » Monday 04 February, 2019 - 13:29

Ha Krzysztof1997,

You're rather close. You already use a label "opakowania" in the assembler. However, you haven't assigned this label yet to the product that is entering the assembler through channel 1 (the container in which the other products are packed.

I've added a simple formula on the Exit Trigger of the source names "Boxes", which will declare a label "opakowania" to each product leaving the source with either a value 1 or 2 (alternating).

i.opakowania := Mod(output(c), 2) + 1

Then the assembler takes either column 1 or 2 from the B.O.M.

I hope this helps you further,



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