Robotic assembly cells modeling

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Robotic assembly cells modeling

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I am currently trying to model several Robotic assembly cells, but before I start scaling the model I want to ensure that all the mechanisms are in place. The scaling will both be in relation to the number of AGV’s, number of sub-components required, cells constructed and inventory buffers from which the AGV takes the sub components from, to transport them to the picking area. This therefore emphasizes the need for a flexible model, since it would be very time consuming to model this from the start in its full size.

I have attached my model in order to give you an idea of what I am trying to accomplish, but it is at a very early stage.

I have been looking in to a lot of the models which are posted on the forum, but there are none which specifically addresses my issues.

Currently I need my Kanban ROP to call the AGV, so it can transport the goods from the inventory buffer to the picking area. The picking area it should transport to should be based on the following criteria:

- Which items has gotten the number of required items picked based on the specified Kanban size?
- Which of these areas have already an order allocated to this area?
- Which of these items are of the least priority to keep there after the Kanban size has been picked?
- Is the container of products in use at another cell(Is it possible to move the items directly to the next cell afterwards)?

The idea is that these AGV are moving around with a container of x products, and when the Kanban size has been picked, they can be removed to allow for a new Kanban order which needs to be picked to the Kanban stocks.

This essentially means that the AGV should be allowed to postpone the move of products until there is an available picking area. Also that the AGV’s should be able to move the goods back to storage.

I hope I have explained myself in a way the makes you understand what I will like to achieve.

What I am hoping for is some inspiration on how to proceed with the modelling or maybe an example, as I am unsure on how to start.

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N.b., the will also be several more cluster of sub-comp Areas where goods are stored.
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