cross dock simulation model

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cross dock simulation model

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I have a cross dock model and I want to modelling with enterprise dynamic but my model does not correctly work I gave the crack software from islamic azad univercity of Qazvin . I have problem in my model , I have 2 type of supplier and the products from suppliers are sent to temporary storage location by non accumulating conveyer and the products at the temporary storage location by of liftrucks at certain paths with certain transportation amount are sent to queus and the products are stayed on the pallet with certain amount for loading parts for loading the the products we use the trucks wihle the 50 percent of truck capacity are fulled up by one of products and the other 50 percent are fulled up by other type of products and there are 2 vehicles at outbound doors and these 2 type of vehicles can load the mix of products and then the vehicles are entered to area queue of cross dock center and the vehicles unload the products for pallets and the vehicles are entered to area queue of cross dock.again for loading, the vehicles return to place of the suppliers. the palletes of products at the area queue of cross dock are in terms of type 1 and 2,the pallets of products are loaded and the pallets of products are unloaded at inbound this case we have 2 liftruck that only load and unload certain type of products, against at inbound and outbound doors at a cross dock center we have 2 non accumulating conveyer, each of conveyer seprately transfer products and pallets to outbound door
again against at the outbound door the products in terms of certain amount according to loading of suppliers was considered, the products are placed in the pallets, at the level of loading products at outbound doors we use 4 outbound vehicles,while 2 outbound vehicle are assigned to first type of products and 2 other outbound vehicles are assigned second type of products,and again 50 percent of first type of product are loaded at first type of outbound vehicles and rest of 50 percent of same product are loaded at outbound vehicles,for unloading the products we use 4 final warhouse and 2 warhouse are assigned to first type of products, and 2 warhouse are assigned to second type of products
I send my enterprise dynamic software model to your community, if it is possible please help me, thanks for your helping
model payan.mod
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Re: cross dock simulation model

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Dear Amin,

Could you please specify what exactly the problem in your model is? Do you get any error messages? Does it get stuck at a certain time?


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