Problems loading ED 10 Student Pro

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Problems loading ED 10 Student Pro

Post by StudenB »

Hello guys,
I'm new here on the forums and practically new to ED (kind of).
Before I could get to work with this software I already had first issues :oops:
And it seems like I'm not smart enough to find the solution by myself.

I've installed ED 10 Student Pro and activated it without any problems;
the CodeMeter icon is blue/green also.
However when I start ED 10 I get the message "no valid product defined" and program window doesn't look like it used to (i.e. no library tree)

I've known ED as we need it at the university, however at the university we're using ED 8 (and there we had to load a special suite; "logistics suite").
I wasn't getting any option to load the suite in ED 10 so I'm basicly clueless what's wrong. (I actually installed ED9 Student Pro also but that didn't solve anything).

I hope someone can help me

Thank you for your time
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Re: Problems loading ED 10 Student Pro

Post by MatthijsJongboer »

Hello StudenB,

The license has been activated so we gladly would like to receive some information from your machine.
Can you generate a CmDust log file and send this as PM to me?
To generate a CmDust file read the instructions here: ... -file.html

BR. Matthijs
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