Start ED with external Java Software

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Start ED with external Java Software

Post by Eistee »

Hello together,

i'm using Enterprise Dynamics for 2 years now and i have a question:
At the moment, i'm working at a study project to start a simulation with
a set of parameters, but not with the GUI of ED.
Is it possible to start ED with an external program written in Java or any other
program language like Javascript, PHP, C#, ...?
For example: "ED, start this mod-data, run a simulation and stop it after 24 virtual hours".

Kind regards!
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Re: Start ED with external Java Software

Post by MatthijsJongboer »

Yes, this is possible.
Have a look at the examples presented in the examples directory: Models\Examples\English\ActiveX Samples.
Javascript and PHP examples are not available but C# is.

Opening a model is somewhat more difficult when you don't want user interaction.
Have a look at the Enterprise Dynamics.btn file in the Apps sub directory. Here you will find the starting point for the used 4DScript to open a model. As you can see, opening a model is achieved using KernelFnc([open new model]).
This is a procedure in ED that is defined in the file kernel.fnc in the Enterprise Dynamics installation root.
You need to take this code and rewrite this (preferably in a new function or procedure) taking out all user interaction.

Setting the starttime is discussed here.
Starting the simulation can be achieved using the 4DScript: Reset, RunSpeed and Run.
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