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ED Educational License

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On the:
http://www.incontrolsim.com/academy/pro ... ional.html
there is the overview of ED Educational License:
"... offered in the following versions:
ED Educational Suite:
A combination of software and teaching material. (...)
ED Educational Classroom:
(...)This is the same software as the Educational Suite but without any teaching material.
ED Educational Single:
A single user license of the ED Logistics Developer Edition does not come with teaching material. Suitable for teachers or PhD's etc. that also need to use the software if they cannot connect to their University network."

I think that "ED Educational Single" license is a Researcher Simulation Software Solutions, described on
http://www.incontrolsim.com/en/educatio ... tions.html :
"Are you a PhD student or researcher working on a challenging simulation project? INCONTROL offers the Enterprise Dynamics (ED) Educational Single license for a special..."

My question is: If we buy a "ED Educational Suite" license, which is a network license with teaching material, that we could use it both for training our students and for non-commercial research projects?

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Re: ED Educational License

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Dear Zdzislaw,

The Educational licenses can indeed be used for non-commercial research projects, but there are different conditions for research and educational licenses.
To determine whether you can use the ED Educational Suite for the research you would like to perform and to discuss what license would be most suitable in your specific situation, please contact INCONTROL Simulation Solution at siminfo@incontrolsim.com.

Best regards,
Nienke Valkhoff
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