Enterprise Dynamics System requirements

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Enterprise Dynamics System requirements

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Operating System
In order to run Enterprise Dynamics®, you require the Microsoft Windows operating system. Enterprise Dynamics is proven compatible with:
  • Microsoft Windows Vista
    Microsoft Windows 7
    Microsoft Windows 8
Enterprise Dynamics is a 32-bit application and will run without problems in 32-bit compatibility mode on a 64-bit version of a Windows Operating System.
To run Enterprise Dynamics on an Apple Mac, Microsoft Windows needs to be installed on it. This can be achieved using Boot Camp. It is not possible to run Enterprise Dynamics using Parallels Desktop since this is a virtual environment. We do not support running Enterprise Dynamics on other Operating Systems.

The required hardware depends on how the software is used. Users who will only use the standard components in small to medium sized models with a limited number of 'products' require a different configuration then users who are exploring the limits the software's capabilities (most limitations on this level of usage are caused by hardware limitations). To give an idea which hardware configuration suits you best, we have listed two configurations, Minimum and Recommended. Most of the descriptions of hardware are very generic due to the fluid nature of computer hardware developments, but we will try to give you some insight.

Processor: Intel 1.8 GHz Dual Core
Memory: 500Mb
Hard Disk space: 400 MB of free space
Operating system: Windows Vista
Video Card: OpenGL® 1.1

Processor: Intel 2+ GHz quad+ core
Memory: 8Gb+
Hard Disk space: 1 Gb+
Operating system: Windows 7
Video Card: OpenGL® 3.0+

Some modern low power processors, such as Intel's Atom, have lower performance in highly demanding apps like Enterprise Dynamics than mainstream desktop and notebook processors. Consequently, large simulations will take longer to complete on these low power CPU's. An (i7) Quad Core processor (or higher) has better performance saving simulation time. That is why we recommend an i7 Quad Core or equivalent processor for Enterprise Dynamics.

Video Card
To use Enterprise Dynamics to its full extent, it is recommended that you use a laptop or desktop with a major brand (e.g. NVIDIA or AMD) 3D graphics card with at least 1Gb, but preferably 2Gb or more, of (non-shared) RAM (for network creation, textures and frame buffer). Enterprise Dynamics requires OpenGL® 1.1 but supports features introduced with OpenGL® 3.0. To use these features and have better visualization performance, ask your hardware supplier for a chip set that supports native OpenGL® 3.0 or higher.