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Post by Fred »

How can I use the Enterprise Dynamics debugger?

We have found out that many users are unaware of the fact that Enterprise Dynamics contains a debugger to step through the 4DScript code.

In the attached pdf document you can learn how to use the debugger.

I find it really helpfull to use the EnterDebugger(1) command in combination with an if-statement to act as a breakpoint to start debugging.

Read the pdf for a full step-by-step description of the Enterprise Dynamics debugger.
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Re: Debugger

Post by Jeroen »

In Enterprise Dynamics it is possible to jump directly in the debugger after an access violation message pops up. Most of the time access violations occur because an invalid atom reference is used (e.g. the referred atom is already destroyed or no parameter is passed at all). In order to quickly find where the access violation occures you can perform the following steps:
  • - Open the debugger
    - Turn the debugmode (top left icon) off and then on again (this way code can be executed with the debugger on)
    - Close the debugger by pressing the close button
    - Run the simulation
    - When the access violation message pops up press: Ctrl + Break and then press enter
The debugger now jumps in the code on the position right after the location where the access violation occurred. If the access violation occurred in a user defined function then this function is closed first and the debugger is at position right after the function call.