Master Planning In Enterprise Dynamics

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Master Planning In Enterprise Dynamics

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Hello Everyone,

For my thesis, I am simulating a bottling production plant. Since the plant has a master planning available for the time during the week when certain machines have certain values for either cycle time or sending it to a particular machine, is there a way to create an easier table-like structure for when I want certain activities done rather than coding them? If I want to make it a weekly cycle, how would I do that as well?
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Re: Master Planning In Enterprise Dynamics

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Hi panda_mic2000,

Nice to hear that you are using Enterprise Dynamics for your thesis!

A possible solution could be using a "Table" atom in combination with a "User Events" atom. The User Events atom is a bit more advanced. Its main purpose is to repeatedly execute code according to a given time schedule. It can, for example, be used to check a table and update the settings in your model according to the current applicable row.

Hope this helps!

Kind regards,
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