Advanced Transporter / Network

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Advanced Transporter / Network

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Hello InControl Community

I am currently working on modelling an As-Is model of a warehouse, and i am having trouble with the Advanced Transporter itself, and the transporters connection and adherence to my network.

First of all, my locations for picking goods are queues, and they sometimes hold more than one item for the transporter to pick. How can i tell the transporter to completely empty the queue before moving on to the next location?

Secondly, i would like the advanced transporter to start in the back of the warehouse, and roughly follow a route, all the way back to the beginning, where it will drop off its entire order (all the items in one batch).

Let me know if there is anything i did not communicate properly.

Kind Regards from Sofus
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Michel Hofmeijer
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Re: Advanced Transporter / Network

Post by Michel Hofmeijer »

Hello Sofus,

I assume you have a dispatcher atom in your model, is this correct?

If that is the case you can regulate which items are picked, when, by opening the UI for the dispatcher and selecting the 10th option in the drop down menu next to "sort tasks by". After selecting that option you have to click on the little square next to the drop down menu and replace "labelname" with "priority". Then you have to set a label called "priority" on all of your queues with the value of the label higher if the queue is further in the back.

This allows you to give a certain priority to each queue. If you give the queues in the back of the warehouse the highest priority they will always be picked first and all goods that can be picked will be picked before the transporter moves on. Once done with a queue the transporter will move on to the queue with the next highest priority. This will normally result in the advanced transporter following a certain route and picking every thing it can from each queue.

This route can be disturbed if a new picking order is received for a high priority queue while picking a lower priority queue. If this is possible in your model a slightly more complicated solution is necessary, please let me know if this is the case and we can discuss the more advanced solution that could fix this.

This solution requires setting labels on atoms, please let me know if you need help with this.
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