Total processing time and operatios

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Total processing time and operatios

Post by Hanna »

Hi everyone,

For my processing times I have total times. So a product can take let's say 20 hours total to finish. However, in real life there are three operators on the workstation. Therefore, those 20 hours can be done in one workday (of eight hours). How can I put this aspect in the model?

I can try to divide the total processing time by three. The processing times of different products are normal or negative exponentially distributed. What should I do with the standard deviation in this case?

I also see options with human resources. Can this solve my problem?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Total processing time and operatios

Post by HarryBunnik »

Ha Hanna,

First to make sure that I understand:

- You have 1 product that, when 1 machine is operated by 1 person, needs ~20 hours to be finished.
- However, you have 3 operators at 1 machine and now it goes to ~20/3 hours to be finished?

- Or are they working on different parts of the product that is first completed when these 3 parts are finished and combined?

- Are these 3 people always there to work on the product, or can it be that first 1 person starts, and later a second one is joining? And then a third one?

I'm not yet sure how your process is exactly looking like, sorry.

Regards, Harry
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