No software after installation - only Codemeter tool

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No software after installation - only Codemeter tool

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Several (including trial and student) users that have downloaded and installed the software have problems starting the software because of a missing license. Investigation indicates that the Codemeter Control Center is installed, but no container (and thus no license) is available.
Searching for the software in the default (program files) directory indicates that the installation apparently did not place the files here.

We found that the files have been installed but in a completely other directory like: C:\VTRoot\HarddiskVolume3\Program Files\Enterprise Dynamics\Student 10.1\
The reason for this to happen is caused by the fact that Comodo Internet Security uses sandboxing by default for all unsigned application. There are ways to copy the files from this directory back to it's default location (Program files) but this then leads to other errors such as missing wibucm64.dll or wibucm32.dll files. These files could be copied from C:\Windows\Systems32 into the directory holding the ED.exe file.
Better would be to disable sandboxing before installation: ... Basis.html.
After installation, enable sandboxing again but make sure you add the just installed software as trusted software: ... files.html.