EDStudent.exe: Start Error

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EDStudent.exe: Start Error

Post by arek »

after reinstalling windows 10 and reinstalling ED Student I received this error:
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what should I do?
Thank you
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Re: EDStudent.exe: Start Error

Post by MatthijsJongboer »

Hello Arek,
First make sure that you have full/elevated administrative rights to install the software.
When your free software installation does not result in a licensed product, please try the procedure below to perform a manual activation.

  1. Open the Codemeter Control Center application.
    If you see an empty container (icon is red) named ‘ED Trials’, as listed below, continue with step 3.
    If Codemeter is not installed, execute the file CodeMeterRuntime.exe from the \Tools\WIBU\ subdirectory of your installation directory.
  2. If no empty container is presented as shown above, drag-drop the file ED_Trials.wbb from the \Tools\WIBU\ subdirectory of your installation directory into the license field of the Codemeter Control Center.
  3. Press the ‘Activate License’ (or equivalent) button and select the file with extension .WibuCmRaU from the \Tools\WIBU\ subdirectory of your installation directory.
  4. Confirm the license activation and your license should be available (icon is green).
If this process fails, please send me a PM with screenshots of what error messages you receive. In that case, also a logfile from your system (CmDust) could provide useful information.

A description on how to achieve this is given here: http://www.wibu.com/faq-codemeter/s/det ... -file.html

Let me know if this works.
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