Kernel error when opening a new model

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Kernel error when opening a new model

Post by robertoolmi »

I get an error if I:
1. Open ED
2. Click on "Open"
An error is displayed:

1 Compile error: "folderdir" is not a valid expression. Reference: do(KernelFnc([before close dialog]),if(<>(v,2),do(var([strFile],vbString),set(t,makefilename(getfileopen(moddir([*.mod]),[model files (*.mod)|*.mod|All files (*.*)|*.*]),[.mod])),strFile:=t,folderdir:=extractdir(t),if(not(fileexists(t)),if(>(stringlength(t),0),msg([File does not exist],2)),do(DisplayLayers(0),KernelFnc([destroy and recreate model atom]),KernelFnc([display model tree]),t:=strFile,if(v<>2,KernelFnc([load model])))),If(SubstrCount(moddir,workdir([\Models\Examples\English])),Do(t:=ExtractPreName(TextAtt(1,Model)),Help(Concat([Example Model ],t))))))) (KernelFnc)

Any idea?
Roberto Olmi
R&D Engineer
Elettric 80 S.p.A. (Web:
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Re: Kernel error when opening a new model

Post by MatthijsJongboer »

Hello Roberto,
I checked the kernel.fnc in the program root directory but cannot locate any 4DScript "folderdir".
I expect your kernel.fnc to be customized to include some sort of folderdir?
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Re: Kernel error when opening a new model

Post by LAC-Ferrara »

Dear Roberto, good morning

unfortunately this error is caused by a customised code written by LAC in your personal ED application. It is not due by a INCONTROL's bug.
We wll do our best in order to solve your problem as soon as possible.

Best Regards
Andrea Ferrara
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