Repair CodeMeter Container error 263

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Repair CodeMeter Container error 263

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Our latest software products make use of the Codemeter (CmAct) Security tools. This means that your hardware is used to bind the license. This binding is done using a Container that collects unique information of your system hardware. The technology allows for several parts of hardware to change and still work normally. When you change too much or all hardware, you need to contact INCONTROL in order to discuss a license transfer or reactivation.

It can happen that you receive a Codemeter broken license error 263. It indicates that hardware was changed even if this was not the case. We have found this error to occur when your HD is (or was) full. You should be able to repair your container yourself and continue working with the software. We have described here how you can do this.
1. Open the Codemeter Control Center (either through the start menu Codemeter | Codemeter Control Center or by clicking the Codemeter icon in the notification area.)
2. You will see a broken container. Select this container and press the 'repair license' or 'repair container' button.

If all is well, your container displays a green icon again and the repair button is no longer available.
That's it!