There are too many atoms in the model

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There are too many atoms in the model

Post by Ahslauwb »

Good afternoon,

I am currently using a student license of Enterprise Dynamics and when I try to save the model I get an error saying "There are too many atoms in the model. The maximum number of atoms with your license is limited to 30"

However, in the model I am using there are just 14 atoms. I upload a screenshot as attachment.

Could anybody please tell me what I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance
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Re: There are too many atoms in the model

Post by MatthijsJongboer »

Hello Ahslauwb,
It seems there are more then 30 atoms in your model.
When we look at the model tree we count 12 atoms. However, the model tree is not updated with every change of the model.
If you select the model tree and refresh this, you see at least appear another 4 'queues' and the 'empirical' atom. In total there should be more then 30.
Furthermore, Queue13 to 16 don't have their output channels connected so the products entering never leave. When you save your model, a reset is done first that destroys all products so this should not be the cause of the problem.

Regards, Matthijs

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