automatic small parts warehouse

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automatic small parts warehouse

Post by Skiff »


I've got a question concerning the AS/RS modul as well as the warehouse modul.

I would like to build a model of an automatic small parts warehouse served by AS/RS.

- Is it possible to store more than one bin in a storage field (behind each other)?
- Is the (advanced) AS/RS able to handle more than one bin at once?

I attached a picture to clarify my problem.

Thank you in advance.

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Markus Holzner
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Re: automatic small parts warehouse

Post by Markus Holzner »

Hi Skiff,

concerning your questions about the ASRS, I have to tell you unfortunately that the ASRS can not handle these things by default.
Of course, you can modify that atom that way, if you first have access to the Atom Editor and if you are familiar with the 4DScript language.

I have attached a simple model using the Advanced Transporter atom on a network (just between two racks) that fulfills the part of the shuttle (that way you may just need to change the visualization). The two racks are the Warehouse atoms from the library (but these can also store single deep only). There are two labels defined within the ExitTrigger of the Queue atom that define the location, where the product needs to be stored.
[The model is created with ED 10 - if you have problems running the model, please let me know!]

I have done several projects with ASRS (double deep, multi transport) myself and always created custom solutions for that. The transport with a shuttle is quite simple (as seen in the model above you could even use a transporter for that).
Then I needed tables (see Table atom or see Data Types (Vector, MultiVector, Hashmap) to store lots of information. Basically all storage locations with current content, all articles with storage location(s) and things like that. Furthermore, you need some kind of global control to decide at which location of which rack you want to place your product and from which place you want to retrieve a product (if there are many storage locations for one articel).
Additionally, the strategy of the shuttle movement can also become complex when you transport 2 or more products (Double game /Doppelspiel, movement optimization, ...).
I hope that helps you in the first place to make up your minds. Please, let me know how you intend to continue.

Best regards,
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