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set up time

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Hello, i face a problem with set up time. Each type of product before the production has a set up time of 30min. I mean when we start to produce product 2 we will have to wait 30 min before we start. How can this be achieved when we have 55 codes?..i put 30 min in every server but it is allocated in each product and i don't want to do so.
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Re: set up time

Post by HarryBunnik »

A setup time won't work since that is calculated from the starting time of the simulation.

An option might be to create an UserEvent and have this open the output of the Source with a 30 mins delay (Mins(30)).

Or you can write code on the cycle time of the server adding 30 mins cycletime to each product that is entering and is the first of a serie (use a "Mod" to calculate this in combination with the Input(c) of the server.

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