Breakdown in Server

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Breakdown in Server

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I am building a model (in enterprise dynamics 9) with servers that sometimes needs help from human resources, this can be seen as a breakdown where the human resources needs to repair the server. My approach is to use breakdowns and set call on the resource in the trigger on breakdown and free the resource in the trigger on repair.

This does not work, when I am running the model I get the error message "Error finishing task in.... ".
Any ideas how I can model this?

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Re: Breakdown in Server

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Your error is most likely caused by your Human Resource being busy with a different task in the model. Since the Break down is done independent if there is an HR available or not, the breakdown is solved without an HR assigned to that particular task. As a result, no HR can be freed, resulting in this error.

Perhaps in your case it's better to:
  • place 2 servers directly behind each other and limit the content in these 2 servers to 1 product using a lock and unlock, or Open -and CloseOutput.
  • the second server is then responsible for calling a HR, so this will only work when a product is actually there (10% of the total products in the example model). This in contrast to a breakdown which can also occur when no product is being processed.
Call and free resources.mod
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I hope this helps a bit.



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Re: Breakdown in Server

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they fix this problen

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