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Cycle Time > Results

Post by redydemon »

Hello everyone,

I am struggling to identify how to measure the cycle time on a production line. I did it manually by observing the actual conveyor belt and calculate the time between first product exiting the line and the second one.

But, I need an Atom to do that, and I don't really know which one.

Thank you everybody,
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Re: Cycle Time > Results

Post by HarryBunnik »

Ha Radu,

Have you considered using a "Data Recorder" atom from the group "Results"?

Here you can create a variable to log on the tab variables. I would use option nr. 4: "LeadTime from label" and define on the point where the product is passing first a label on the product ( Label([LabelTime], i) := Time ) containing the passing time (either on the On Entry - or On Exit Trigger).

Then at the Data Recorder, the difference between the time the product has passed the conveyor (defined on the label) and the current time at the Data recorder is logged.

Perhaps you have to make small adjustments to log exactly what you want, but I hope this is helping you.


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