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Re: Chances of 2 agents going to the same stand.

Posted: Saturday 08 July, 2017 - 02:39
by Ken8891
Hi Charles,

It does distribute evenly when going to the stands, but it does not distribute evenly when going up the stairs. As you can see from the picture, the agents went to the stand from only 1 stairway, but I got another 1 stairway available, but no agents is using it.

Best regards

Re: Chances of 2 agents going to the same stand.

Posted: Saturday 08 July, 2017 - 03:37
by Ken8891
Hi Charles,

I had also noticed that the seats is not fully occupied by the agents.

Example the capacity of my stand is 30000. And the NR of agents generate by generator is taken from the user tables which is 500. So in this case, the generator will constantly pumping out 500 of agents from each entry to the stand until the stand is full and the generator will stop.

Currently what I am experiencing is that the generator will pump out 500 agents to each standsection and stop the simulation. Not filling up the stands. How can I solve this?

Best Regards

Re: Chances of 2 agents going to the same stand.

Posted: Sunday 09 July, 2017 - 19:15
by Charles Lester
Hi Kenneth,

You can use a Flow Splitter and a passage way to cause some agents to utilize the other stairs.
FlowCounterInPlace.PNG (57.99 KiB) Viewed 2359 times
In the image I used a flow splitter with a single line destination and a 50% chance to cause each agent to travel to the line destination. To add a flow splitter, in Model Layout < Actions on the left is the flow splitter action.

Update the flow splitter to a single line destination as well change the Destination type to “Condition” and update the condition to

Code: Select all

. Move the line destination to the desired position.
FlowCounter.PNG (23.67 KiB) Viewed 2359 times
It may be necessary to add a passageway in the corridor before the flow splitter line destination. Without the passageway agents may just travel to the destination line and turn around to the other stairs. It depends on the position of the destination line and the travel cost to the stand.

The passageway will automatically cause the agents to continue along the new path to the other stairs. Update the passageway Direction setting, the arrow should point to the flow of the route.

NOTE: This passageway is not part of the stadium infrastructure and I suggest that you label it as such. Also, you might want to turn of the visibility.

If your agent generator is the same as the previous demo models, them the generator is not repeating.

Update the agent generator Repetitive Mode to RepeatTime and Nr Time to Repeat to 10. The repeat time is the length of time before the arrival list is repeated. I have mine repeat time set to mins(15), however that will create a 150 minute ingress, you should adjust that time site specific value.
GeneratorSettings.PNG (22.9 KiB) Viewed 2359 times
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